AGRICULTURAL SERVICES : This process include primarily engaged in performing soil preparation services, crop services, veterinary services, other animal services, farm labor and management services, and landscape and horticultural services, for others on a contract or fee basis. However, feedlots and poultry hatcheries operated on a contract or fee basis are included. At the dawn of the 21st Century, dramatic developments are continuing to transform global agriculture and rural economies. Continued growth in the world population, demands to feed and improve the quality of life of that population, the reach of human influence to the remotest corners of the Earth, direct manipulation of nature at the genetic level, increasing globalisation of the world economy, and the immediacy and profound impact of communication and information technologies are among the most striking examples.

Throughout the 1970s and 1980s, international interest focused on developments in agriculture that could directly address growing concerns about future food security, productivity and sustainability. Thinking crystallised in the 1990s as an approach that became known as “Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Development (SARD).” The SARD approach aims to foster sustainable development (in the agricultural, fisheries and forestry sectors) that “conserves land, water, plant and animal genetic resources, is environmentally non-degrading, technically appropriate, economically viable and socially acceptable.
The first and foremost role of agriculture remains the production of food and other primary goods and contributing to food security. Attaining food security is a complex task which requires an enabling environment and policies that ensure social, cultural, political and economic stability and equity. Combining the economic, social, and environmental functions of agriculture can help to achieve these goals. Agricultural activity and related land use also result in a wide range of non-food goods and services, shape the environment, affect social and cultural systems and contribute to economic growth.
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