Our focus is to eradicate chronic diseases in African continent through our enlightenment and give hope to HIV victims, cancer victims etc

Auxiliary, we also focus on creating and managing change in organizations by formulating and implementing customer-focused strategies. We have been engaged on a wide range of assignments principally to help clients and patients live healthily and improve healthy efficiency through the use of fruits, vegetables, and a good diet. We are on a health campaign to educate people on how to live a healthy life using nutrition platform.

Health as observed by the World Health Organization (WHO) and held by public opinion is the greatest wealth. The loss of Health is worse than the loss of Wealth. Many factors such as stress, poor diet, lack of adequate rest and exercise mitigate having a good health which terribly reduces our health status from vibrant zone (100%) to the sick zone (25%) as scientifically proven.

The incidence of chronic disease such as Hypertension, Diabetes, Cancer, Stroke, etc has increased, which can be attributed largely to drinking, smoking and eating diet woefully inadequate in nutrient. Sadly, many people discover that they have these conditions only when they develop complications and become incapacitated in their prime of life. Renowned organizations like American Diabetes Association (ADA), Center for Disease Control (CDC), World Health Organization (WHO) and National Cancer Institute (NCI) held that the world is fast losing the health battle to these deadly and chronic diseases.

Furthermore, research has shown that 90% of the world population don’t eat right, 80% of good health is due to eating a nutrient-rich diet that includes whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and fish. More so, the Average Life Expectancy (ALE) in Nigeria is (47) years. Thus, there is a great need for everyone to acquire the right information and knowledge required to save our lives and that of our loved ones.Our mission at ESC in organizing this programme is to meet such need.
At ESC Consult, we have expertise and group of sound and trained personnel that carries out check-up during seminars and enlightenment, with the latest technology of QMRBA-MRI Scan.

That is why our approach is a door to door system. village to village and family to family, teaching and educating the young&the old, the uneducated and the educated, the common man and the destitute across Federal Republic of Nigeria on how to live a healthy live and why its imperative to constantly go for medical test especially blood pressure check-up, sugar check-up, prostate checkup, hormonal check up etc.

Our services and the immense role we played in fighting against chronic diseases out of the country have attracted a lot of international recognition and support.

This is what brought a rebirth and Renaissance in the organizational structure interms of income, vacations, incentives, allowances, leave, int’l course and recognition which the staff members are privileged to have.

This international recognition by the international communities has expanded our scope in touching more lives health-wise. Our existing branches have been expanded in all the 36states of the Federation.

This expansion has widened our roles and made us achieve more victories over child mortality, child trafficking, maternal mortality, infertility plights, nutritionally preventable acute and chronic diseases, inadequate nutritional awareness and lots more in the society through our enlightenments thereby reaching the demands of those who need medical attention faster.

With our vision “Healthy people healthy Communities” we will be able to promote health because the loss of health is worst than the loss of wealth.